Takata Airbag Exploding Nature Reasons Found Out

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Takata airbags are being recalled all over the world for similar reasons. Now after years of investigation, Federal Safety Officials have found the reason for Takata airbag failures. Mark Rosekind, administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reviewed the investigation.

takata airbag explode

In several cases, Takata airbags have been reported of launching shrapnel towards occupants. The investigation reveals that chemicals in the airbags can deteriorate due to various factors such as time, temperature, and moisture.

Over a period of time, science clearly shows that inflators can become unsafe. Faulty airbags account for approximately 13 deaths while over 100 individuals have been injured. The findings have been acquired from a report prepared by H.R. Blomquist.

In the report, he indicates that over a course of time humid air can reach the inflator and damage it. During an accident, the chemicals in the inflator burn rapidly and over pressurises the inflators steel housing causing it to break and launch the shrapnel on to the passengers.

Ammonium nitrate is used in airbag inflators by Takata. Unfortunately, they do not contain desiccant that helps in absorption of moisture. Within a matter of six years, the propellant in airbags can deteriorate and cause failure in airbag deployment.


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