This Cayman GT4 Crash At The Nurburgring Will Be The Most Painful Thing You See Today

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The latest tragedy at the Green Hell has claimed the life of a limited-run Porsche Cayman GT4, after a BMW E30 M3 spilt coolant and oil on the track, before crashing.

It's nice to see such an expensive car, designed especially for track purpose being actually used as intended. But watching one heck of a beauty like the Cayman GT4 crash is always going to be painful.

The yellow Porsche, which was trying to hit the apex of the corner, lost traction and hit the guardrail first, and then crashed with the immobilised E30 M3.

The Nurburgring is known to incidents like these. Oil spills and a debris are a common sight on a busy day at the Nurburgring. Even if you are the best driver in the world, it is believed, you simply can't tame the corners of the green hell.

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