Driverless Taxis To Expand Their Reach, To Operate In Ten Cities By 2020

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US software firm, nuTonomy, which introduced world's first driverless taxis in Singapore. Now aims at operating in ten Asian and US cities by 2020.

nuTonomy Chief Operating officer, Doug Parker, said that the company is hoping to test in three Asian countries, early next year. Although he did not mention the countries.

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The announcement for the test venues will be made within a month. Last week, nuTonomy debuted its driverless taxis in Singapore, as a trial run for selected people in research campus. Parker said that nuTonomy is also eyeing to conduct trial runs in the Middle East, US and Britain.

The current test car used by nuTonomy is a modified Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car, which operates in 4 square kilometer area with pre-defined pick-up and drop-off points. Trips can be booked through company's smartphone app, but for now, only invitees will get the chance.

nuTonomy will be expanding its fleet by the addition of five more cars including Renault Zoe. Parker also said that, during the trial runs, vehicles never experienced any hiccups. The reason behind choosing Singapore was, government's full support and disciplined drivers, which was well suited for driverless taxis.

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