Are You Ready For The World's First Driverless Taxi Ride?

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The world's first driverless taxis will be operating in Singapore from Thursday.

Only few selected members from the public will be able to get a ride in this self-driven taxi, from their smartphone. These autonomous driving taxis are operated by nuTonomy, an autonomous vehicle startup company, based in Massachusetts and Singapore.

Many firms have been testing this futuristic technology of self driving cars for many years on public roads, but nuTonomy claims, it will be the first one to offer rides in a driverless car to the public.

The operating range of this taxi will be in a 2.5 square-miles (6.4 square km) district called, 'one-north'. There will be specified pick-up, and drop-off points.

Each taxi will have a driver, to take evasive actions in any circumstances. A research personnel, will also be sitting at the back of the taxi, monitoring the onboard computers.

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