Indian Road Network To Get Better: Details

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The National Highway Authority Of India (NHAI) has prepared a network of 27 horizontal and vertical highway corridors and each of them is placed 250 kms apart from each other.

The total length of these corridors, including the long roads such as the Kanyakumari-Srinagar, Rameshwaram-Dehradun corridors is about 36,600km. All these stretches will be four lanes and will have better road space.

The grid system will help the government designate the NHs for easier identification. All the even numbered NH grids will be connecting the West to the East while the odd numbered grids will connect the North to the South.

The grids will connect all the 12 major ports, which will help with quick transport of cargo from one end to another.

The new Grid roads are expected to provide a better connectivity in 26 state capitals and nearby regions.

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