Mitsubishi Issued Improper Fuel Mileage Results For 25 Years

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Mitsubishi Motors has announced that for the last 25 years they have been providing improper fuel mileage results. These results did not comply with Japanese market regulations, which has decreased the value of its products in several international markets.

There is a possibility that the very first improper fuel mileage result was issued back in 1991. Mitsubishi Motors has formed a panel of former prosecutors to investigate the issue. Previously, Volkswagen Group was involved a similar fuel emission scandal, which has negatively impacted them.

Aggressive internal targets could have pressurised employees to provide improper fuel mileage results. Mitsubishi Motors is the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in the Japanese market. So far, it is not confirmed how many of their models have been provided with improper fuel mileage results.

The Japanese manufacturer confirms that improper fuel mileage tests were conducted on vehicles sold in the United States of America. Mitsubishi Motors is unsure if the models sold in other international markets also have a similar issue and will make more announcements soon.

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