Has Mercedes-Benz Just Embarrassed Itself In China?

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Mercedes-Benz is no doubt doing well in terms of sales, and China continues to be a major market for most carmakers. Now, the German carmaker has ended up embarrassing itself in China, over a 'Steel Body' scandal.

Mercedes-Benz launched the new E-Class in China and a day after the launch, it was discovered that the Mercedes was made of steel, instead of aluminium. In Germany and other developed markets, Mercedes makes cars using aluminium, instead of steel.

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At the moment, the entire luxury car market regards aluminium as standard configuration and companies like Jaguar even put aluminium body as a selling point to attract customers.

In fact, steel body is inferior compared to an aluminium body because it is heavier, which affects the car's handling, performance, and fuel consumption. Safety is also a crucial factor. This raises concerns for the Indian market too, since Mercedes' are sold at a premium.

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