Mercedes-AMG Hypercar To Get Insane Engine — The First Civilized Race Car For The Road?

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AMG, the in-house power crazed performance division of German carmaker Mercedes-Benz is all set celebrate its 50th birthday in 2017.

To celebrate the milestone Mercedes-AMG will introduce a brand new hypercar which will be powered by a modified version of Mercedes-AMG's Formula 1 racing engine.

mercedes vision gt concept

According to Top Gear, the new car will use a carbon fibre monocoque chassis and will feature gullwing doors and will have a 1:1 power to weight ratio but will be a civilized car, unlike the upcoming hypercar from Red Bull and Aston Martin, which looks like a racing prototype that has been made road-legal.  

To achieve that magical power to weight figure, Mercedes will use a modified version of its current hybrid turbo V6 engine from its Formula One race car which has been dominating F1 since the turbo era started in 2014.

The internal combustion turbo V6 engine is said to produce around 700bhp in the current F1 car and AMG is expected to add three electric motors to take advantage of the electric power produced by the hybrid system that are coupled to the engine.  

The AMG hypercar will rival the ones from Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche along with Red Bull's upcoming Aston Martin hypercar.

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