Internal Rivalry — Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Baleno

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This could be an odd comparison; a compact SUV with a premium hatchback, however, these are the best selling cars in India currently and we will compare them to understand which could offer you the best in terms of value.


Vitara Brezza Baleno
LDi Rs. 699,004 Sigma Rs. 633,932
LDi(O) Rs. 712,004 Delta Rs. 700,028
VDi Rs. 762,004 Zeta Rs. 761,261
VDi(O) Rs. 775,004 Alpha Rs. 832,703
ZDi Rs. 855,004    
ZDi+ Rs. 954,004    
ZDi+ (Dual Tone) Rs. 968,004    

The pricing difference between the two vehicles is approximately Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 70,000 depending on the variants. The Vitara Brezza is comparatively expensive among the two in each of the variants.

Engine & Specifications

The length of both the cars are same, except for the height, the Brezza is 140mm taller compared to the Baleno. The width of the Maruti Brezza is slightly broader as well, this will help with the cabin space especially for the rear passenger seats.

Specifications Vitara Brezza Baleno
Length 3995mm 3995mm
Height 1640mm 1500mm
Width 1790mm 1745mm
Ground Clearence 198mm 170mm
Weight 1170 - 1195kgs 960 - 985kgs

Since the Brezza is categorised as a compact SUV, the ground clearance of Brezza is 198mm and the Baleno is at 170mm. So you can take your Brezza for a soft off-road drive and not worry about taking dents at the bottom of the vehicle.


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The tyres of the Baleno is much thinner compared to the Vitara Brezza, the Baleno uses 195mm and the Brezza comes with 215mm. This helps the overall ride quality of the Brezza, also, the higher stance of the platform helps with driver's view and handling.

Specifications Vitara Brezza Baleno
Engine Capacity 1248cc 1248cc
Power 86bhp 74bhp
Torque 200Nm 190Nm
Gearbox 5-Speed Manual 5-Speed Manual

Both the cars use the same engine spec, the Brezza has tuned version with 89bhp and Baleno at 74bhp, clearly the Brezza is powerful compared to the Baleno.

The Baleno is lot lighter compared to Brezza and the bhp should not be a hindrance, but it does lack compared to the Brezza.


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On the mileage front, here is where the Baleno scores over the Brezza with the mileage of 27.39kmpl over the Brezza's mileage of 24.3kmpl.


The Maruti Baleno simply scores over the Brezza in this department because of its standard feature of dual airbags, ABS with EBD across variants.


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The Vitara Brezza on the other hand, only the driver side airbags are standard and the ABS with EBD is standard only on the top variant.


The design aspect of a car is the first priority, however, since we are comparing two separate segments altogether it might not be the best of choice. Let us look at it in the user-friendly aspect of both the cars.


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Maruti has brought the Baleno is cater to the young buyers, it shouts out sporty, bold and dynamic presence and brings out the performance imagination in you.


As for the Vitara Brezza, it has a commanding view, better road clearance and the ingress and egress for the Vitara Brezza can be used by all age groups.


The Vitara Brezza scores a lot compared to the Baleno in terms of the design due to the current rage towards SUV vehicles. Also, its practicality like the higher ground clearance and the commanding view from the driver seat.

If you are looking for a sporty and feature rich car, then, the Baleno is the car, it has better safety features, and the premium tag of NEXA showroom vehicles.

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