Mahindra e-Verito Launched In India, Prices Start At Rs. 9.50 Lakhs

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Mahindra has launched its second electric vehicle, the e-Verito in India. Prices for the electric variant of the Verito sedan start at Rs. 9.50 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi).

The Mahindra e-Verito is available in three variants D2, D4 and D6.

mahindra e verito

Mahindra e-Verito Prices

Variant Price Ex-Showroom (Delhi)
D2 Rs. 9.50 lakhs
D4 Rs. 9.75 lakhs
D6 Rs. 10 lakhs

Mahindra e-Verito Specifications

The Mahindra e Verito is powered by the same induction motor found on the Reva and uses the same single speed gearbox as well.

Motor 72V, 3-stage AC induction motor
Power  40bhp
Torque   91Nm
Gearbox   1-speed Automatic
Top Speed    86km/h
Range   110 kilometers
Charging Time   8 hours
Fast Charging 80 percent in 1 hour 45 minutes

* Please Note - Fast Charging is avalable with only top end D6 variant.

Mahindra e-Verito Features & Design

In case the e-Verito is running low on charge, owner can use the revive function help gain an extra 8 kilometers of range.

However, to ensure that doesn't happen too often, the e-Verito features regenerative braking which charges the battery pack whenever the brakes are applied.

Mahindra claims that the running costs for the electric Verito will be Rs. 1.15/km.

The e-Verito retains the looks of the its fossil fuel powered sibling except for the loss of the tailpipe.

Mahindra e-Verito Availability

The Mahindra e-Verito is currently available in Delhi and Mahindra will soon make it available in Mumbai, Banglore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Jaipur and Nagpur.

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