Luxury Car Owners Are Keen To Shift To Self-Driving Cars

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If you own a Mercedes-Benz or Infiniti luxury car, then you are very keen to let the car do the driving by itself. According to a survey performed by MaritzCX, about 27 percent of Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti owners, were willing to buy 'self-driving cars' when they hit the market.

The survey also reports that owners of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV's Jeep SUVs and Ram pickups, were least interested in, buying a self-driving car. It's a big challenge for automakers, on making the customers trust the new autonomous technology.

The report says that 94 percent of people are aware of the new autonomous technology, and out of which, 48 percent are not willing to buy a self-driving car. Their top concerns are, equipment failure and cars becoming disoriented in traffic.

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a driverless concept car in 2015, that's been showcased in auto shows and in ads. But not all luxury car owners are in favour of autonomous technology. With Porsche owners are reluctant, and only 22 percent of them are willing to accept this technology. Same applies to the Mazda, Toyota, and Nissan.

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