Isuzu Motors To Shift Production From Chennai To Andhra

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Isuzu Motor India Pvt Ltd., which manufactures commercial and Sports Utility Vehicles in India, has decided to shift its entire production setup from Hindustan Motor Plant in Chennai to a 107-acre facility in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh.

With Isuzu's new plant taking shape in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, the manufacturer has ceased the production at the Hindustan Motor plant in Chennai. The Chennai plant carries out the assembly of the MU-7 and D-Max.

"We are entering into Phase-2 of our production which will begin at our new plant in Sri City in Andhra Pradesh. We already have enough inventory with us to sustain the numbers till the new plant comes up. That is why there has been no production at the Hindustan Motor plant.", said Shankar Srinivas, Senior General Manager, at Isuzu.

Isuzu initially expects to produce 50,000 units yearly. The new plant will offer approximately 3000 job opportunities in the District. Isuzu Motors India will also showcase a new vehicle at the upcoming 2016 Auto Expo, which is expected to be manufactured at the new plant.

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