Indore To Provide Free Diver's Licence For Women

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MP Singh, the Regional Transport Officer of Indore has said that from Tuesday, women will be able to get a driver's licence for free. The directive was issued by the state's Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Women will be eligible to obtain a free licence only on their first attempt though.

indore free driving licence for women

This initiative was included in the previous year's budget, but there were objections raised regarding this. Singh said, "Software developer Smart Chip Company, which handles RTO work, has been asked to design new software with regard to free licence for women and has updated the software accordingly."

The process of applying for a licence would be the same. Licence seekers should log on to the transport department website, and in the gender box, when chosen 'female', the payment option will automatically disappear for both, learner's as well as permanent licence.

This move of making driver's licence free for women will not only see more women applying for a licence, but will also encourage more women to drive.

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