No More Lab Tests For Vehicle Emission, India Plans Something Better

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Air pollution is a growing concern in India and the government, in a move to control it, will soon introduce Real Driving Emission (RDE) tests. Such on-road tests will help the government calculate accurate emission profiles of new vehicles.

New motor vehicles currently undergo emission tests in labs, but international analysis has proved that vehicles emit higher exhaust gases in real life conditions than in lab tests. This is particularly the case with diesel engines.

The RDE tests will make India one of the few countries to have stringent emission tests in the world. This will allow to keep a tight check on pollution and emission levels of vehicles and will not allow loopholes, which Volkswagen had made away with - the diesel gate scandal.

Sources who know about the development of RDE said, "In Europe, real driving tests are being brought in to evaluate NOX emissions. In India, particulate matter emissions are more of a concern."

"While details are being worked out regarding parameters of these inspections, RDE will come into force from 2020 for purposes of data collection, and permissible limits to determine emission performance of vehicles will become applicable 2024 onwards."

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