This 2000Bhp Semi Shifts To Hydrogen Power

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Earlier this year, Nikola Motor Company launched its semi truck, which produces 2000bhp, purely from electric power. This hybrid semi was equipped with a 320kWh battery, with an impressive range.

Not much technical details was revealed. But today, Nikola has revealed new details about this semi and it dramatically shifts to Hydrogen power. Yes, the new powertrain is a 800V hydrogen-electric fuel cell. The truck has a range of more than 1900km, thanks to its hydrogen fuel consumption of 11.7 litre/100km.

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Hydrogen emission is clean, but there is a serious problem with this set-up — lack of infrastructure. Hydrogen fuel stations are very rare to find, and building new stations is not that simple, along with sourcing the fuel.

To tackle this issue, Nikola said that it will produce hydrogen in its own zero-emission solar farms. The company claims that each station will produce 100 megawatts of energy, and will use electrolysis process to produce hydrogen from water.

But all these information is still on the drawing board at the moment, and the semi will be revealed on December 1, 2016.

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