Honda To Make The 10th Generation Civic in A Revolutionary Production Line

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Japanese carmaker Honda has released a few images of its latest factory from Thailand, which utilises a latest production concept called Assembly Revolution Cell (ARC). Honda claims that the latest concept will improve production efficiency, and calls it a 'flowing cell' layout.

honda new assembly plant thailand

Honda will bring its assembly technicians to the production line, instead of the mass production concept. Honda will implement ideas like poka-yoke or mistake proofing, Jidoka or automation with a human touch, and Just-in-time. where only the necessary parts are built and are present only when required.

Honda's ARC will involve workers split into four teams to climb aboard the moving car to fit parts that cannot be accessed by robots, unlike the conventional process where cars involve a moving line with humans on the side.

honda assembly revolution cell technology

Traditionally, one worker would fit one or several parts of a car, but with Honda's latest idea, an assembly specialist will be able to fit more parts. Honda claims that this is more efficient as technicians do not have to walk along the moving car, and will involve less movement.

The new unit will feature a specific part that has to be installed, without any extra or missing parts. The mistake proofing idea ensures that even an untrained technician cannot fit a part the wrong way even by mistake.

The first cars that will be manufactured by Honda's new concept will be the tenth generation Honda Civic. The car will be made in left-hand drive and right-hand drive configurations for specific markets.

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