Passion Running High For The Honda City? A Quick Overview Of Pros & Cons

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When you hear someone utter the word 'Honda City' all you think is "Awesome car!". Honda known for its build quality be it exterior or the interiors and the features, the City is still one of the best sedan known in India.

Honda has sold more than 5 lakh units of the City which enjoys a cult following in India. In the recent past, it has faced strong competition and sales have slipped, even losing out the top 10 slot of cars sold in the country.

Honda City: Disadvantages, Pros, Cons & Advantages

The City has few rivals in the likes of Hyundai Verna, Skoda Rapid, Volkswagen Vento and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz. Let's look at some or even negligible pros and cons of the Honda City.

Cons/Disadvantages of Honda City

When Honda decided to jump into the sub-compact sedan segment by launching the Amaze, they were compelled to offer a diesel motor as well. The reason being, the diesel cars were doing good sales for Honda's competitors.

Honda City: Disadvantages, Pros, Cons & Advantages

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The same engine is used in the City, which is not a premium sedan like City should have received. Honda should have offered a powerful engine compared to the Amaze. The Verna, Vento and Rapid come with powerful diesel unit.

As for the facelift of the 4th generation City is not extensive with light changes like creases on the side profile. Even the broad and big chrome single slat in the front feels a bit overdone.

Honda City's European rival cars are solidly built, however, the new City is quite light and you can feel the lightness in your drive.

Honda City: Disadvantages, Pros, Cons & Advantages

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The headroom at the rear seat might not suit tall person, it comes short of height. The electric steering remains light and very sensitive at high speed, this could be a dampener on highways.

And some negligible features like the dead pedal does not feel comfortable, rear seat does not fold, and not height adjustable seatbelts.

Pros/Advantages of Honda City

Honda is known for loading the City with luxury features and many of competitors would match up to it. The new City is loaded with features like the sunroof, rear AC vents, reversing camera, father-touch climate control, and keyless entry and exit.

The ARAI certified mileage ratings are the best in the segment for the Honda City be it petrol or the diesel units.

One of the other aspects of storage is the boot space, the Honda City boasts of 510-litres, this gives enough reason to travel with big and heavy luggage.

The controls and the gearshift are the smoothest which makes you driving in city conditions a pleasure with not much of an effort.

Honda offers a practical diesel unit, fast petrol and a convenient CVT, which spoils you in terms of choice. Also, the cabin space and many convenient and sensible touches inside the sedan makes your life more comfortable.

Specifications of the Honda City

Honda offers the City in the choice of petrol and diesel units. The 1.5-litre iVTEC petrol engine punches out 110bhp for the manual gearbox and 108bhp for the CVT, and the torque figures are of 136Nm and 134Nm respectively.

As for the diesel unit, a 1.5-litre iDTEC does the duty and develops 85bhp of power and 172Nm of torque, which is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox.

The petrol variant costs in the range of Rs. 7.96 lakh to Rs. 11.90 lakh. As for the diesel variant, it ranges from Rs. 9.22 lakh to Rs. 12.02 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi).


The Honda City will continue to rise the level of passion in the country with the quality build. Premium features of the Honda City still stand apart from its competitors.

However, there has been solid competition from the compact SUV segment and the sedan segment has been suffering low sales.

Maruti currently has been doing well with the Ciaz mainly due its pricing and tax benefit it enjoys because of its mild hybrid version. Honda will have to answer all the challenges thrown by the auto industry has been facing in the recent past.

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