Fiat To Introduce Multi-Brand Dealerships In India To Boost Sales

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Fiat is trying everything it's got to boost sales in India. Now, the carmaker is planning to bring the Fiat Chrysler multi brand dealerships to boost sales, as this has helped Fiat in international markets.

Under this new FCA outlet which is to first be opened in Mumbai, the carmaker will sell Fiat vehicles along with the Jeep models. These outlets are scheduled to be opened during this festive season.

FCA Dealerships

This move will help dealers sell more cars than what they currently sell with the stand alone Fiat brand. The Italian carmaker will rework dealership incentives and slowly transform around 80 dealerships to become multi brand outlets, selling Fiat, Jeep, and the Abarth models.

Fiat currently has around 90 dealerships and they sell approximately 500 to 600 units.

Commenting about the new FCA multi brand dealerships, Kevin Flynn, the Managing Director of Fiat Chrysler Automobile told ET Auto, I don't think our business is about the volumes we are doing right now, if it was about the volumes we are doing right now then we would not need half the people we have now and infrastructure we have now."

"It is not about where we are today, it is about where we will be in future. The new FCA will showcase our new face."

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