Fiat Chrysler Suspected On Using Cheat Software In Emission Tests

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Now Fiat Chrysler is being accused of using cheat software during emission tests. The suspicion was cited by German Federal Motor Vehicle Office. In recent times, several shocking revelations have come out, regarding automobile manufacturers cheating emission tests.

fiat chrysler emission

Previously, Volkswagen was found guilty of cheating emission tests. The revelation has affected the reputation as well as sales of the German manufacturer. Mitsubishi Motors has also admitted to cheating emission test in the Japanese market.

In a new test, Fiat vehicles emission control system shut off after 22 minutes. The test was conducted two minutes more than a standard test. With the emission control system off, the vehicle lets out nitrogen oxide, at an alarming rate of 10 times more than permitted level.

Fiat Chrysler is also not co-operating with German officials, who they were supposed to meet soon. The meeting with Transport Ministry was cancelled by a lawyer's letter. Fiat does not want to meet up with German officials and confirms that only Italian officials can question them.


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