Caught Driving Drunk? May Cost You Your Job!

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Drink driving has always been a big issue in India, and to control it, the Hyderabad government has taken a serious step. The last peg before you head home might cost you your job in the government field or even a visa to travel abroad for a job.

Mahender Reddy, the Hyderabad Police Commissioner told TOI, "I have given instructions to the special branch to verify the conviction data of drunken driving offenders and traffic case offenders during background verification work and report the same to employers."

Since 2011, 7,712 people were jailed for drunk driving, and 1,570 were imprisoned this year alone, till mid-May. Also, since 2011, around 62,000 people were caught for driving under the influence of alcohol and just over 30,000 people were in the age group between 18 to 30.

Nagi Reddy, the Special Branch (SB) Inspector General said passports will also be at risk. He said, "From the crime database we can see details of an applicant's criminal history, including his or her DD case convictions. If a passport applicant, who is convicted in a DD case, fails to declare it in the application, he or she will be booked for perjury and may not get a passport."

Women will also receive the same punishment as the enforcement know when pubs will host 'ladies night' and the crew of police will consist of two women police personnel.


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