Denso Has The Perfect Idea To Keep You Awake While Driving; Blast A/C To Your Face

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Car crashes are often attributed to sleeping while driving. Denso, a Japanese auto-parts manufacturer's latest product, which calls it Driver Status Monitor (DSM), does the work of waking you from sleep.

Denso has been developing the product from 2013, the technology uses facial recognition with an inward facing camera to understand tiredness. The technology will recognise if your eyes are drooping or if your head is jerking up and down, the air conditioner will suddenly start to blast.

The DSM technology not only recognises if you are sleeping, it will even detect if you are looking away from the road or while texting on your phone and blasts cold air from the air-conditioner.

Well, this sure does bring some safety aspect to priority while driving and hopefully help in the reduction of crashes. The technology is being built for the Japan's road system, but Denso does ship the technology internationally.

Denso claims the DSM is highly adaptable to your unique facial features, head position, pose, and movements. Has higher tracking and accuracy under various light condition and vehicles.

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