DeNA To Launch Driverless Buses In Chiba With Big Plans In Mind

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DeNA, the mobile video game maker said that it will launch a driverless bus service in a park in Chiba. The tokyo based company said it has partnered with French startup, FreeMile SA, that manufactures self driving buses.

Hiroshi Nakajima, the CEO of DeNA said that there are not many companies that make completely driverless buses and that was the reason for partnering with the French startup.

dena to launch driverless bus service

DeNA will use the EZ 10 bus, which is an electric vehicle that can accommodate 12 people. Called the Robo Shuttle, the service will begin in August and the company is yet to decide the date. The service will be offered in the Toyosuna Park in Chiba's Makuhari district, which spans 21,000 sq meters.

Exact details are being discussed with the Aeon Shopping Complex, which jointly oversees the park.

Once enough experience is gathered, Nakajima plans to extend the service to Aeon as well, making it easy for visitors to get around the massive complex. He also says that the technology can be utilised in factories to help with movement, in amusement parks, and universities.

In the coming years, DeNA is also planning to introduce driverless taxi services.

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