Delivery Truck Damages Several New Mercedes-Benz SUVs

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A delivery truck filled with Mercedes-Benz models came across an accident damaging several vehicles it was carrying. The incident occurred in Harrison County, Mississippi, on April 19, 2016. Reports suggest that an animal crossing the street has caused the incident.

delivery truck damage

Luckily the Mercedes-Benz involved do not look like they are completely damaged. These models are most likely to be repaired by the German luxury car maker. Unfortunately, none of the repaired vehicles can be sold as new models, so expect huge discounts.

Surrounding all this sad new is a single good news, the driver of the delivery truck escaped unharmed. The road, as well as the Mercedes-Benz models, have been cleared from the accident area. Reports suggest that the road is not meant for semi-trucks due to the curvy nature of the route.


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