Cashless Payments At Toll Plazas; Is Your City Included?

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Have you been a victim to wait at the toll plazas to pay and then travel? Read through to find out how to get past it.

Starting April 25, you can zip through 13 toll plazas in the Northern region as NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) will begin the cashless payment mechanism called the FASTag.

The government will be offering 10 percent cash back as an inaugural discount to encourage the system of cashless payment at the toll plaza. The Northern Region of India where the NHAI operates has 20 toll plazas, out of which 13 will feature this system.

FASTag is offering the system which is a near-stop movement of vehicles through the toll plazas, where you can choose the cashless payments with nationwide Electronic Toll Collection Services.

In this system of payment, one lane will be dedicated to the near non-stop movement of vehicles. NHAI is planning to extend it nationwide in 275 toll plazas across the country.

As of now, the cashless payment is operational in 35 toll plazas, which includes the Delhi-Chandigarh highway.

Some source from NHAI said, "Out of 20 toll plazas in the Northern region, 13 will have a dedicated lane for cashless payment of toll. The system offers the convenience of electronically paying toll at any toll collection point through a single pre-paid account."

FASTag will affix a sticker on the windscreen with a one-time fee of Rs. 200, it utilizes the (RFID) Radio-Frequency identification technology to scan the vehicles when it zips past the toll plaza and will automatically deduct from the pre-paid account.

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