Is 1500BHP Not Enough? Then Chiron Hybrid Is On Its Way

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Bugatti Chiron, the pinnacle of supercar, comes with a head spinning 1500bhp produced from its quad turbo, W16, 8-liter engine. This new engine is 95 percent different than Veyron's engine. Bugatti boss, Wolfgang Durheimer, stated that the new engine may benefit from a hybrid component, sometimes in future.

If you think, hybrid component will be used to improve Chiron's fuel economy, you're wrong. The W16 engine will be hybridised, to further increase the output produced by the engine. Durheimer said that, Bugatti is speculating on a hybrid Chiron, but it will be not that easy, as implementing electric motors will be difficult, due to packaging restriction.

Even if the hybrid Chiron will make it to production, it will not be launched anytime soon, With deliveries of the current Bugatti Chiron have not yet started. And there is no need to rush with the hybrid version, as the regular Chiron itself is a big hit. With around 200 customers have already reserved their ride, out of 500 cars which is planned to be built.

Earlier, even Bugatti Veyron also came with the jump in power output as Veyron Supersport with increase in power from 1001bhp to 1200bhp in a conventional manner. But can Chiron do the same thing with the help of electric motors? Only time will tell.

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