Bosch Knew Of Volkswagen Diesel Emission Scandal - Lawyers

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Robert Bosch GmBH, the German auto supplier was in the "knowing and participant" in the raging controversy of evading the US emission laws by Volkswagen.

Lawyers for the US owners of polluting VW diesel vehicles, in a court filing late on Tuesday in U.S. District Court in San Francisco cited confidential documents provided by Volkswagen to plaintiffs attorneys in making new allegations against Bosch.

Bosch Knew And Was A Participant In The Volkswagen Emission Scandal - Lawyers

The filing said, "Bosch's deep understanding of what regulators allowed and would not allow, and what Bosch did to help VW obtain approval,"

One of the spokespersons for Bosch said the company is taking the allegations seriously and will cooperate in several investigations.

Volkswagen, on the other hand, declined to comment about the filing, though the German auto-maker said, it had no effect on the multibillion-dollar settlement of the civil complaint on the diesel scandal.

The documents filed included records and communications between Bosch, Volkswagen, and U.S. regulators. The filings say, "Bosch played a crucial role in the fraudulent enterprise and profited handsomely from it,"

Bosch provides automotive parts to auto manufacturers and it's highly customisable to give the car its unique feel and power. Hence, it said that it had supplied the auto parts, however, how the software is used to regulate emissions or the mileage lies with the manufacturer.

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