BMW & Nissan Plans To Enter Formula E 2016 Championship

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Formula E Championship is now getting lucrative for several automobile manufacturers. The second season of the electric racing competition has just come to an end. Automobile manufacturers have realised, Formula E is the best platform to develop future ready vehicles.

BMW and Nissan now plan on entering the Formula E Championship as soon as possible. Currently, the roster is filled and there is no room for new teams to enter. Reports suggest that both BMW and Nissan are talking to existing teams to make an official entry.

The third Formula E season is set to begin in October 2016, which is soon arriving. Both, BMW and Nissan have been indirectly involved in the Formula E Championship from the beginning.

Nissan's partner Renault has an existing team and provided electric race machines for season one. BMW on the other hand currently provides the championship with the i8 as a safety vehicle and the i3 as the medical car in Formula E.

Previously, Jaguar announced that they would be part of the Formula E third season. Jaguar will be teaming up with Williams Advanced Engineering to develop the electric race machine. So far, the team has not announced the drivers that will compete in the Formula E Championship.

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