Best 20 Global Car Brands With Reliability

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Worried about the reliability of your car? Here is the list of car brands with reliability which has been surveyed and voted by the owners of the car.

The 2016 JD Power Vehicle Dependability Survey for the UK was announced and you will be surprised to know that not many luxury car brands are not at the top of the list. These are for cars registered between 2013 and 2015.

20. Mercedes-Benz

The luxury car manufacturer witnessed a sharp fall in the rankings due to rise in problems reported every 100 vehicles. The problems reported increased from 88 to 154 compared to 2015.

19. Mini

The Mini stood at 13th position last year, this year, however, it has dropped in rankings. The score rose from 105 to 140 problems per 100 vehicles.

18. Hyundai

Even though the number of problems reported increased from 117 to 130 per 100 vehicles, the South Korean manufacturer moved one rank up from 19th position.

17. Volvo

The Swedish manufacturer fell sharply from 7th, registering 123 problems from 93 the previous year.

16. Jaguar

Jaguar made it to the list in this survey from the 23rd position in 2015. The problems reported fell from 173 to 123 in every 100 vehicles, which helped the Jaguar move up the ladder.

15. Honda

Honda maintained its position compared to last year, it scored 117 problems compared to 116 in 2015 per 100 vehicles.

14. Renault

Renault results showed 116 problems compared to 115 the previous year and maintained its position compared to last year's survey.

13. Citroen

Citroen was another manufacturer who kept its position this year too. Problems registered were 114 to 115 per 100 vehicles compared to 2015.

12. Fiat

Fiat moved up the ranks and has beaten the likes of Renault, Honda, and Citroen. Fiat was at the 18th place and ranked better with 112 problems reported compared to 117 last year.

11. Mazda

Mazda took one notch higher by moving from 12th to 11th this year. There was an increase in the problems reported compared to last year. This year 111 problems were reported compared to 105 per 100 vehicles, it has bettered other car brands.

10. Nissan

The Japanese carmaker slipped down the rankings this year, moving down from 4th to 10th place. There was an increase in the problems reported, it moved from 87 to 98 problems per 100 vehicles.

9. Toyota

Toyota has lost its ranking from 6th to 9th position with an increase in the problems reported. The score moved from 88 to 96 per 100 vehicles compared to 2015.

8. Seat

The Spanish car maker moved up the rankings from 11th with reports of problems dropping from 99 to 96 per 100 vehicles compared to 2015.

7. Ford

A significant move for the American car manufacturer, it has moved up from 14th in 2015. The problems registered came down from 111 to 95 per 100 vehicles.

6. Volkswagen

Volkswagen has indeed moved up from 8th despite the diesel gate scandal rockings its performance. The tally of the problems reduced from 95 to 92 per 100 vehicles.

5. Peugeot

Moving from 10th position, Peugeot has had an impressive change. This was mainly due to drop in problems reported from 99 to 92 per 100 vehicles in 2015.

4. Vauxhall

With problems reported of 90 compared to 98 last year per 100 vehicles, Vauxhall rose from 9th to the impressive current rankings.

3. Kia

Kia reduced the number of problems reported from 83 to 80 per 100 vehicles, however, it has dropped from 2nd place.

2. Suzuki

Suzuki toppled Kia with problems reported reduced from 86 to 79 per 100 vehicles, giving it a credible rating this year.

1. Skoda

Skoda retained its numero uno position this year as well. The problems reported fell an impressive from 77 to 66 per 100 vehicles this year. This keeps the Skoda ahead of the pack and taking the best car brand in terms of reliability.

Source: The Telegraph

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