Bangalore To Make Traffic Signals Intelligent! Will It Help Ease Traffic?

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For an average citizen in Bangalore, traffic is one of the biggest problems, if not the biggest itself. A commute of merely 6km can take upto two hours during peak hours and even longer when it rains. Now the city is looking at ways to decongest traffic.

The traffic police are trying to monitor traffic in real time and syncing traffic lights. They will soon start work on phase 2 of the Bangalore Traffic Improvement Project (B-TRAC), which will see an Intelligent Traffic Signal System, a part of the Rs. 175 crore project.

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At the moment, most of the 353 traffic signals in Bangalore are synchronised with timers. Soon, signals will be automated with the help of cameras called 'Virtual Loops' at junctions. The cameras will capture vehicle presence.

According to Police Inspector Anil Kumar, these cameras will also help reduce wasting green lights at signals. He said, "If a signal is timed to remain green for 50 seconds and there isn't much traffic flow after 30 seconds, the loop can shift to another signal in the junction."

Pawan Mulukutla, transport expert commented about VIP movement saying it will have little impact. He said, "Area Traffic Control Systems (ATCS) will help major junctions and corridors that have successive signals. However, the government must make public the master plan for the Intelligent Transport System in Bengaluru. What the traffic police intend to do shouldn't be a piecemeal approach."

The Blackberry handsets that are currently used by traffic police will also be replace once phase 2 of B-TRAC comes into effect.

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