Ban On Conventional Fuel Cars? Norway Clarifies The News

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A news that circulated like wildfire on the internet - Norway to ban all conventional fuel cars has been clarified. Was the news legit? No says Norway. This Tuesday, a German media channel reported that Norway is set to ban all cars running on petrol and diesel by the year 2025.

DPA, a news agency from Germany stated that the National Transport Plan of Norway proposed to the government to make new strategies every four years to make emissions almost zero, and ultimately put a ban on petrol and diesel cars.

On this matter, Spokesperson from Norway's Transport Ministry clarified that, Norway has not proposed any ideas as such. Speaking to the press he said, "This government wants to encourage more environmentally friendly vehicles by using the carrot instead of stick. This document included suggestions and recommendations for ambitious goals to reduce emissions from the transport sector".

He said, that in the future if new technology becomes the new norm, then automatically, there will be no need of conventional fuels. So there will be no need of a ban. Norway has a plan to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) in new cars by 85 grams by the year 2020. This plan was proposed in the month of February and it has no mention of a ban.

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