A Video By Porsche On How To Pronounce Its Name

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Turns out, there are two people in this world those who pronounce 'Porsche' the right way and those who verbally murder it.

Finally, the German sports carmaker is fed up with people pronouncing its name incorrectly and you can now get the answer straight from the marque's mouth.

"Have you ever wondered about the right way to pronounce Porsche? Or do you know someone who pronounces it in a wrong way? Be sure to let them know about this video," the video description reads.

We guess that someone at Porsche came up with this idea to clear the air by releasing this tutorial video. Whoever who made this has a very good sense of humour and at least for now, the debate is over.

So from now on, for god's sake, please don't pronounce the brand as 'Porsh'.

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