Percentage Of Fixing Recalled Cars In India Is Surprising

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Car makers avoid being found of issues which are required to be fixed and the subsequent recall does take a toll on their brand image. The car makers initiate 'Voluntary Recall' and help themselves to position their branding better.

Ever wondered how many of the recalled cars are fixed? Only fifty-sixty percent of the cars are fixed from the recalled cars in India.

Reasons vary for the lower percentage of the fixes - many cars on an average change hands within five years and most of this happens in the used cars market. The commercial vehicles fear of loss to business and do not take their cars for repair.

Also, car makers do not make use of the VAHAN database to track the vehicle and its owner to make sure the car is fixed.

Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), the apex body of the automobiles in India, wrote in its 2012 voluntary recall code that "If a maker identifies issues which pose a 'safety defect', such vehicles are voluntarily inspected and rectified by manufacturers importers free of cost,"

Nearly half of the affected cars still ply on the road posing a risk for both the owner and other road users.

Rashmi Urdhawareshe, Director of Pune-based Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), said "In passenger cars, they are able to fix more but it is less so in commercial vehicles. On an average, we can say that carmakers are able to fix roughly 50-60% of the overall recall announced,"

The most difficult are the older vehicles which are more than 7-8 years, car makers were unable to disclose the specific number of vehicles they were successfully able to recall.

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