Volkswagen And Audi Affected Diesel Cars Can Now Be Checked Online

Affected Volkswagen and Audi cars, if fitted with the 'cheat software' can now be checked online, to determine if the car needs to be fixed.

Volkswagen customers have to visit to check if their diesel vehicles are affected, while Audi car owners can visit All they have to do is enter the car's serial number to see if their vehicles are fitted with the cheat software, that was used to pass emission tests.

At the moment, this facility is available only for customers in Germany. However, VW and Audi will make this available to customers worldwide shortly.

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Alternatively, customers can also take their vehicles to the dealers directly to check if the cars are armed with this software that helped VW cheat emission tests. The company will soon give a technical fix to authorities in October.

VW has 11 million vehicles that are fitted with this software. The affected vehicles include:

  • 5 million Volkswagen
  • 2.1 million Audis
  • 1.8 million Volkswagen commercial vehicles
  • 1.2 million Skodas
  • 700,000 SEAT

These diesel engined cars were fitted with a software that helped the cars pass emission tests. This scandal also lead to Martin Winterkorn resigning as the CEO of Volkswagen.

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The Diesel Gate scandal has opened eyes in India too, as the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), has asked Volkswagen for emission test details in India.

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