Volvo's New Safety Technology Can Detect Kangaroos Now! What Next?

Volvo is a pioneer when it comes to safety. The company has given us seatbelts and is aiming to achieve a goal by 2020, which is, no fatalities involving a Volvo vehicle. Another interesting development by Volvo is the Kangaroo detection technology, which helps the driver to avoid an animal collision.

The Swedish carmaker will use the existing City Safety system, which detects cyclists and pedestrians while driving with the help of cameras and radars. If the reaction from the driver is not quick enough, the car will automatically slow down. The only difference being, this system has to work at higher speeds for the car to avoid crashing into Kangaroos.

Volvo already has similar technologies that detect larger animals like moose, cows, and reindeers; however, the system needs to be calibrated to detect kangaroos, which are comparatively smaller and quicker.

A team of Volvo Engineers will film and study kangaroos at the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve near Canberra, which is one of Australia's kangaroo hotspots.

Other carmakers have taken measures to reduce the damage sustained to the car after a kangaroo crash, but Volvo has taken it a step further, to offer an avoidance system.

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volvo kangaroo crash avoidance system
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