Volkswagen Rumoured To Offer Cash Cards To Cheated Diesel Car Owners

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German carmaker Volkswagen may offer cash to its customers who have diesel vehicles to recover its goodwill in the automobile industry. This move is expected to happen in the coming weeks in the United States.

Volkswagen officials said they would make an official announcement. But according to a few sources, VW will offer USD 1,250 to diesel car owners, who have been affected by VW's Diesel Gate Scandal although the automaker does not verify the information for now.

According to industry sources, Volkswagen will give customers a cash card worth USD 500, that a diesel car customer can spend it anyway, and another USD 500 to 700, that a customer can spend at the Volkswagen dealership itself.

Volkswagen currently faces lawsuits from multiple customers, demanding their money back or asking for compensation. Also, roughly around 500,000 cars that include Audis have lost resale value, owing to Volkswagen's illegal software that was used to cheat emission tests.

Volkswagen has also assured customers that the company will start recalling cars from early 2016, but the fix will be expensive. Volkswagen has not yet revealed details of how the company will fix issues related to the cheat software and emissions.

vw to offer money to customers as goodwill
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