Volkswagen India Operation In Question Post Emission Scandal

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Volkswagen Group is going through a tough phase globally, owing to its emission scandal. Their market value has been affected tremendously and has created panic among investors.

Currently Volkswagen is using its Indian manufacturing unit to assemble vehicles and export them. The engine involved in this emission scandal is also used in Indian models and it is mostly likely they too could be affected.

Export of Volkswagen vehicles from India will surely decline during this phase. Over 1,80,000 vehicles are expected to be fitted with the same engine and software that is surrounded by controversies.

The EA189 engine and the software used by Volkswagen is under tremendous heat from officials. This combination is used in several of their vehicles, which violate emission norms.

Indian officials currently believe there is no issue with Volkswagen models sold in the country. Soon, they also confirmed that all reports are being checked and an announcement could be made soon.

At this moment Indian officials have not taken any action against Volkswagen. The German manufacturer could witness a sharp decrease in export of its product globally from the Indian facility.

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