VW Executives Knew About High Fuel Usage A Year Ago - Report

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German Sunday paper Bild am Sonntag is reporting that top executives at Volkswagen knew that some of the company's cars were markedly less fuel efficient a year ago.

VW in early November revealed that it had understated the level of carbon dioxide emissions and fuel usage in around 800,000 cars sold mainly in Europe.

The Bild am Sonntag report contradicts VW's assertion, that it only uncovered the false CO2 emissions labeling as part of efforts to clear up the diesel emissions scandal, which became public in September.

The paper cited sources close to former Volkswagen group CEO Martin Winterkorn as saying that Winterkorn decided this spring to pull the the Polo TDI BlueMotion off the market as the discrepancy between stated and actual eddicency figures was particularly pronounced on that specific model.

volkswagen high fuel usage caused recall of Polo Bluemotion TDI
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