Volkswagen Likely To Recall 1 Lakh Cars In India #DieselGate Scandal

Volkswagen India could recall over one lakh vehicles on or before November 8, 2015. Over the next few days, top officials in the company and Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) will check if emission norms are breached. If Volkswagen is found guilty, a huge amount of vehicles will be recalled.

Several engines were imported into the Indian market by Volkswagen. And, if these engines are found exceeding emission norms they will have to be recalled. There could also be an issue with 20,000 diesel engine units that were manufactured in India itself.

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The EA189 diesel engine was caught cheating emission norms, when a research was conducted by university students in America. Volkswagen pleaded guilty to cheating and has accounted for their first quarterly loss globally in 15 years.

Internationally, Volkswagen Group has equipped over 11 million four-wheelers with their EA189 diesel engine. This engine was fitted with the cheat software that twisted emission norms for its benefit. These vehicles will be recalled soon in global markets.

VW Group consists of several automobile brands that share components. Audi has declared that approximately 2.1 million vehicles have been involved in the diesel gate scandal. Skoda on the other hand has sold 1.2 million vehicles with the same engine in question.

Currently, Volkswagen is offering Indian customers with the Polo, Polo GT, Cross Polo, New Vento, and Jetta. In India, The company is currently offering heavy discounts on most models to boost sales and have organised a Volkfest in the country from Oct. 15 to Nov. 15, 2015.

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