Video: Tesla's Autopilot System Saves An Uber Driver

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Tesla, the electric carmaker based in the US launched a new autopilot system for its cars earlier this month, and customers have been bragging about its features.

The Tesla autopilot system has a semi-autonomous mode, which many customers think is very cool. But, Jon Hall, a Tesla owner and Uber driver thinks otherwise-he thinks it's a life saver!

The semi-autonomous function of the car saved Hall's life from a near death collision. Hall says he was driving his Tesla Model S P85D on state Route 99 when all of a sudden, a car in front of him took a sharp left, and if the Tesla autopilot system had not hit the brakes, the collision would have been very dangerous. Hall was driving at a speed of 45mph (72km/h).

Tesla uses cameras and radar systems to judge how close other objects are to the car. The autopilot system features automatic steering, automatic lane change, side collision warning, and automatic parallel parking.

Hall has posted the video of his near fatal incident, and the video clearly shows how Tesla's autopilot system works, and more importantly, how this system saved his life.

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