Takata Products To Be Quality Assured By Six Member Panel

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Recently several manufacturers had to recall their vehicles all over the world due to faulty parts. There are still a few manufacturers who are finding issues with certain components of their vehicles and are recalling their products due to safety issues.

In the midst of all these recalls was Japanese automobile component manufacturer Takata. Their airbags have been extensively recalled all over the world. The Japanese manufacturer supplies airbags to several automobile companies that  use them in their vehicles. The Takata recall has been the biggest and widest till date.

Now Samuel Skinner, a former Secretary of Transportation and White House Chief of Staff has been appointed by Takata Corporation to lead a panel of experts. A total of six experts from transportation safety, manufacturing, quality assurance and engineering will be on the Independent Takata Corporation Quality Assurance Panel.

Secretary Skinner commented, "I look forward to leading this important effort to ensure that Takata is responsive whenever questions are raised about the quality or safety of its air bags. Each member of our panel is a highly respected and accomplished professional in areas directly relevant to our review."

He further added, "Together, their collective expertise and perspective will be invaluable. My colleagues and I look forward to conducting a thorough and informative review and to publicly releasing our findings and recommendations."

The panel will be given the duty of reviewing Takata Corporations policies, practices, procedures, structure and personnel. This panel consists of Marion C. Blakey, Nelda J. Connors, John C. Landgraf, Dr. Julio M. Ottino, Dr. Jeffrey Runge, Samuel K. Skinner and John W. Snow.

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