Renault Launches New Digital Identity

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Since the internet has become the most popular way for customers to get information about a car, Renault has launched a new digital identity to offer customers a good experience before they can make the important decision to buy a car.

Customers can access the website using a desktop, laptop, tablets or mobile phones. This is the first Renault-Nissan digital alliance.

This new Digital Identity helps a customer take a closer look and understand what Renault has to offer in India with ease.

Renault's new global strategy has been launched in India first, and will be launched globally soon. This indicates that India plays a major role in Renault's growth worldwide.

Renault's Digital Identity Features:

  • Service-oriented platform where the same data and services are available across different channels
  • Single authentication and user name to access websites, mobile apps, third-party websites. Login is also possible using social networks.
  • Multiple personalization schemes
  • Entirely hosted on the cloud with the main infrastructure hosted in multiple regions
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