Red Bull Engine Provider Renault May Quit F1 2016 Championship

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Currently Formula One is dominated by one team and a single manufacturer. Mercedes AMG Petronas drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, along with other Mercedes powered vehicles has dominated the field.

This has created a lot of frustration between drivers, teams and engine providers as well. Ferrari is slowly progressing, however, it is only Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen who are benefitting.

Red Bull had previously dominated Formula One for several years. They use engines provided by French manufacturer Renault. They have now confirmed that their engine partner could quit.

F1 rules for 2016 state that no engine updates can be done during an ongoing season. Even during off-season, testing and development is restricted. This has surely hampered teams with limited resources and smaller budgets.

This year they have allowed teams to develop their engines during the season, this is an attempt to close the gap to Mercedes powered vehicles.

FIA is planning on introducing several other changes to the 2016 Formula One championship. Many have deemed the domination of Mercedes as boring and changes are expected to bring teams closer to each other competitively.

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