Polaris Ask Owners To Stop Driving Slingshot Due To Defects

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American automobile manufacturer Polaris Industries owns several brands and has introduced new products as well. They had recently launched their three-wheeler fun car, which they christened as the ‘Slingshot'. It is currently not on offer in India, however, Polaris does offer their range of ATVs.

Now Polaris Industries has issued a cautionary statement and is asking owners of Slingshot to not drive their vehicles. The American manufacturer has found two issues with their three-wheeler. Both issues can cause serious damage to the vehicle as well as the occupants.

The manufacturer has announced that the first issue pertains to a faulty steering rack and the ball bearings in it. This system can fail due to the faulty components and the driver could lose control as he would not be able to steer the Slingshot.

There is also an issue with the roll bars, which is placed over driver and passenger. The company that has supplied this component has revealed that a few of the parts may not be up to the mark and will not serve its purpose. So, in case of an accident the roll bars will not be able to adequately protect occupants.

Polaris Industries has confirmed that all parts and components need for the repair will be made available from 22nd of January, 2015. Dealers will commence working on affected vehicles by the end of January. The owners of Slingshot will not have to spend a Penny for the repairs.

The American manufacturer has issued a voluntary recall and it is a smart choice. Slingshot is a three-wheeler and has faced several hurdles prior to launch as it could not be classified as a motorcycle in many countries. Now a Stop-Sales-Stop-Riding-style recall could only further damage their brand image.

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