Pay INR 2,000 As Fine For Obstructing An Ambulance

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Recently we Indians are trying to improve the quality of life within this huge nation. The main things that we lack are proper infrastructure. Finance is not an issue as every year huge sums of money are allocated for specific works.

In countries out of India life of an individual is given top most priority. If an individual has come across an accident motorists move out of the way. The Ambulance is given a free path to zoom to the hospital in an attempt to save the occupants.

Most of the times in India, we fool around by thinking there is no one in the Ambulance. The driver is just using his siren to get out of congested traffic. This should never be the case and an Ambulance should always be given room to move ahead.

India's capital New Delhi and their traffic department has decided to penalise motorists, who block the path of an ambulance. The fine amount has been set at INR 2,000 and we do not believe this to be wrong. In recent videos we have seen people driving and even cutting ambulance's at several instances.

The ambulance will have to provide proof of an individual blocking him. Hospitals will have to keep a record of time, date and licence number of the vehicle that obstructed an ambulance. This issue can easily resolved if all vehicles are fitted with cameras for video evidence.

This rule should be adopted by every city of India. In our opinion the fine should be made steeper. Each one of us should think at some point it could be us or our family members in the Ambulance. If we do not give way today, why would other make way for us.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 8, 2015, 13:44 [IST]
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