Odd & Even Vehicle Rule Can Be Introduced In Mumbai By 2016

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Delhi Government will be introducing odd and even vehicle rule from 2016 onwards. Now even Mumbai could introduce this vehicle rule to curb vehicle emission and congestion around the city. The news will be welcomed by several and would also be frowned upon by a few.

The rule will be applicable only on four-wheelers plying in Navi Mumbai. Government officials and traffic authorities will get together to create a similar vehicle rule as the one being implemented in Delhi. There is a possibility though that the rule may not be implemented in Mumbai soon, they would like to take note as to how it performs in the city of Delhi.

Several loopholes and exemptions have to be taken care of prior to implementation of odd and even vehicle rule. It is most likely that Ambulances and other life-saving vehicles will be exempted from the vehicle rule.

Many are also wondering if the private transport vehicles will also be included in odd and even vehicle rule. Autorickshaws run on three wheels and we were wondering if they too could be included in the rule. Currently, autorickshaws are a common mode of transport within the city and are available in plenty.

The odd and even vehicle rule is expected to cut vehicle congestion by 50 percent. The main focus of the rule is to reduce carbon emissions by vehicles. Pollution levels are at an all-time high and some action needs to be taken for the future generation of humanity.

Do let us know in the comment section if you think odd and even vehicle rule is the best method to curb pollution? Also, share your thoughts as to what measure should be taken to reduce pollution level in our country.

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