New Motion To Invest In Smart Charging Options For India

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The Indian Government is pushing for a cleaner and greener tomorrow. One of their major plans is to make sure more electric vehicles are used compared to petrol or diesel powered engines.

Mahindra has invested a lot of money in the future for electric vehicles. They offer their Reva electric car, which runs purely on electric charge stored in a battery pack.

These electric vehicles have a very limited range and there are not many charging stations available in India. Now New Motion will invest INR 1000 crores on Smart Charging station across India.

Usually it takes a standard charging socket to recharge the battery almost six to seven hours. New Motion and their smart chargers take only 15 to 30 minutes to charge the battery up to 80 percent.

Previously funds were not allotted to promote electric charging facilities. The new Government has now allotted funds specially for the infrastructure of promoting and making electric vehicles a viable transport option.

Over a period of six years the Indian Government will strategically invest INR 14,000 crore for supporting electric vehicles. Currently they will be focussing on setting up public infrastructure in certain cities of India.

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