NASCAR To Monitor Violations Using Video Technology

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National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) will switch to video technology to monitor violations in the pit road.

This system will derive data with the help of 45 different cameras. This system will be used for every Sprint Cup event and support race.

The dimensions and laser scans of all the pit roads have been loaded into a database. This will automatically alert officials in case of any violations.

nascar pitstop violations

There will be 8 officials watching the pit lanes. Officials will randomly pick pit lanes to see for violations such as equipment and personnel violations.

The computer will use a colour code system to differentiate between violations like cars stopping outside designated areas.

There will also be additional officials to monitor the camera blind spots.

Since everything will be monitored over video, teams will be notified about any breaches or violations only after the stop.

All these upgrades mean that officials will no longer be in charge to monitor whether wheels have been fastened securely, but the teams will face strict penalties if a wheel comes off during the race.

Pitlane speeds will not have any changes. Speeds will still be monitored electronically through transponders on the car as well as the track.

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