McLaren To Debut P1 GTR At 2015 Geneva Motor Show

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The Geneva Motor Show is one of the biggest stages for an automobile manufacturer to showcase its product. Every manufacturer tries to steal the show by unveiling a never-seen-before model.

United Kingdom-based automobile manufacturer, McLaren will be lifting the covers of its much talked about P1 GTR model. It will be a track only model and will be available in limited numbers and we presume these cars will be launched by McLaren Formula One drivers Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button.

McLaren will be offering its P1 GTR to only its existing clientele of P1 owners. That means only 375 individuals are eligible to purchase these hyper performance vehicles. In our opinion the manufacturer will surely provide their Formula One drivers with one P1 GTR each.

The P1 GTR by McLaren will be powered by a 3.8-litre, V8 twin-turbo engine. It also gets an electric motor to further boost its performance figures. The manufacturer is using a heavily tweaked engine form their road car and P1 GTR will produce in excess of 986 horsepower.

The UK based manufacturer has not revealed acceleration figures for their P1 GTR model. We believe it will easily shatter the existing record of its P1 street legal version. The standard McLaren P1 can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in a matter of 2.8 seconds, which sounds tough to break.

McLaren will lowering and stiffening the suspension on its P1 GTR. It will also sport a centrally mounted exhaust, bigger splitter and rear wing with aero blades. The UK based manufacturer will also provide 19-inch racing alloy wheels with Pirelli slick rubber and quick release option.

The P1 GTR will be unveiled to all at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. They have not confirmed the launch date and pricing of the track specific model. McLaren has also not revealed how many units will they build and exact performance figures.

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