McLaren MP4-X Showcased As Future Of Formula One Cars

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McLaren Honda did not have a really good season in 2015 Formula One Championship. Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso drove the Formula One car to their absolute potential. Unfortunately, their 2015 car did not have the straight-line speed to keep up with the competition.

Now, McLaren has revealed the future of Formula One race cars in the form of their MP4-X model. The future model has been developed by McLaren's designers, engineers, and technologists. MP4-X is a peep into the future of Formula One racing cars.

Recently, Formula One officials were contemplating introducing a safety dome over the driver's head for protection. Most teams and drivers refused on the introduction of this safety feature as it would not be Formula One if the vehicle was covered and not exposed as it currently is.

The MP4-X is visually striking and is a head turner in its current avatar. McLaren, however, has spent most of its resources on driving technology and power unit. McLaren will not be using a traditional fuel combustion engine. The race car will run on electricity and develop its own power for a sustainable racing.

The MP4-X also make use of Solar Cells to energise the battery. Solar panels will be placed across the body of the vehicle. McLaren will develop smart fabrics which will store energy in various places, rather than the traditional method of having it in a single location.

All the technology developed for MP4-X Formula One car will someday be offered on all road cars. There is still a long time for all the technology to be developed and implemented in a vehicle. McLaren is only offering a sneak into future mobility and we are liking what we have seen.

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