2015 Geneva Motor Show: Koenigsegg Regera—Car With No Gears

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The Koenigsegg Regera has opened the doors the ultimate in technology by taking the gearbox away from the company's latest creation. The car uses a technology called direct drive.

Direct Drive: A direct drive mechanism is one that takes the power coming from a motor without any reductions. The advantages are increased efficiency, longer lifetime, high torque, faster and precise positioning and drive stiffness.

The world's fastest luxury hypercar has been designed to be used on the streets as well, unlike the Agera RS, which is a track-only car.

Christian von Koenigsegg, the Founder of Koenigsegg came up with the direct drive idea 8 months ago and didn't waste any time implementing this seemingly outrageous idea-which proved to be a success.

The Swedish mastermind immediately patented the idea and is building 80 Koenigsegg Regera's. The company managed to shed about 440 pounds, since there is no gearbox.

Koenigsegg Regera Price:
The Koenigsegg Regera is priced at USD 1.89 million (without the gearbox).

Koenigsegg Regera Engine Specification:

  • Twin-turbo DOHC 5.0-litre V8
  • 3 electric motors
  • Combined power of 1,500 hp
  • 21 miles of pure electric range
  • Top speed of 248 mph
  • 0 to 248 mph in under 20 seconds
  • Hydraulic clutch

Koenigsegg Regera Features:

  • Curb weight 1628 kg
  • 44 pounds worth of sound deadening
  • Electrical seats
  • Rubber engine mounts
  • Foldable rear wing
  • Carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb chassis
  • Carbon/kevlar body
  • Active aero
  • Carbon-ceramic brakes
  • Hollow carbon wheels
  • Titanium exhaust system
  • Removable top
Story first published: Tuesday, March 3, 2015, 17:51 [IST]
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